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Third Great Awakening

“Satan knows what is coming – revival and My Glory like never before. It will crush his plans and wipe out all those he used to help bring his plans to pass.”

I send forth a spirit of Revival, Awakening in the land that shall open the eyes of many miracles shall be seen in the coming days that will that will dumbfound the people. ”

God – from Timothy Dixon

“The Awakening, the Revival, the outpouring of the spirit that is coming on the planet and it is a culmination of all the prayers of those that have contended and sought after the Lord in previous decades to see the demonic spirit … overlords that are ruling.”

God – from Charlie Shamp


“The days for the rebirth of a nation revival to fill the streets My glory. To fill this earth like never before an awakening has begun in My children and you are arising to fulfill your assignments on this earth. You will feel more alive in a way you have never felt before and a freedom you have never experienced. I am Jehovah I am your provider and I have already provided everything you need in this hour to succeed to be victorious. And nothing your enemies have done or are planning to do will stop that.”

God – from Julie Green